OBJECTIVE OF THE STANDARD: problems of your firm we solve

What we call the objective of the standard is another of the many aspects in which your firm can improve its performance.

You have a business but you work with no standard. This is a synonym of loss of productivity and deficient quality.


this kind of problems:


That's always synonyme of loss of productivity and deficient quality.  These kind of problems increase if your operator does other tasks while the machine is proceasing another item.

Then you face the following situation: the machine finishes its cycle and your qualified worker is still carrying out other tasks. This means a considerable loss of work cycles and performance. Therefore the levels of your firm productivity decrease.


our solution:

el objetivo del estandarHOW WE WORK: the solution to this problem is to work with the best possible method in order to increase the productivity and guarantee the detection of faulty pieces. In many of the firms we colaborate with, we got to rise the machine production in a 20%, to improve quality and operators had a more regular cycle and consequently they worked in a more efficient way.



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